Source code for drymass.cli.parse_funcs

import numbers
from os import fspath
import pathlib

import numpy as np

[docs]def fbool(value): """Boolean value from string or number""" if isinstance(value, str): value = value.lower() if value == "false": value = False elif value == "true": value = True elif value: value = bool(float(value)) else: raise ValueError("Got empty string!") else: value = bool(float(value)) return value
[docs]def fintlist(alist): """List of integers from string or list of strings/integers""" outlist = [] if isinstance(alist, str): # we have a string (comma-separated integers) alist = alist.strip().strip("[] ").split(",") for it in alist: if it: outlist.append(int(float(it))) return outlist
[docs]def float01(flt): """Float value between 0 and 1""" flt = float(flt) if flt < 0 or flt > 1: raise ValueError("Input must be between 0 and 1!") return flt
[docs]def float_or_str(flt_or_str): """Float value from string or number""" if isinstance(flt_or_str, str): flt_or_str = flt_or_str.strip() if flt_or_str == "nan": return np.nan else: try: value = float(flt_or_str) except ValueError: return flt_or_str else: return value else: return float(flt_or_str)
[docs]def floattuple_or_one(fti): """Tuple of two floats or ±1 from a string or a number""" msg = "Expected +1, -1 or (float, float), got '{}'!".format(fti) if isinstance(fti, (list, tuple)): if len(fti) != 2: raise ValueError(msg) fti = [float(fti[0]), float(fti[1])] elif isinstance(fti, str): if fti.count(","): # tuple for s in " ()[]": fti = fti.replace(s, "") fti = floattuple_or_one(fti.split(",")) else: # one try: fti = int(float(fti)) except ValueError: raise ValueError(msg) elif isinstance(fti, numbers.Number): fti = int(fti) if fti in [+1, -1]: pass else: raise ValueError(msg) else: fti = floattuple_or_one(list(fti)) return fti
[docs]def int_or_path(intpath): """Integer or string from a string or a number""" if isinstance(intpath, str): intpath = intpath.strip() if intpath.replace(".", "").isdigit(): value = int(float(intpath)) else: value = fspath(intpath) elif isinstance(intpath, pathlib.Path): value = fspath(intpath) else: value = int(float(intpath)) return value
[docs]def lcstr(astr): """Convert a string to lower-case""" return astr.lower()
[docs]def tupletupleint(items): """A tuple containing x- and y- slice tuples from a string or tuple""" if isinstance(items, str): for s in " ()[]": items = items.replace(s, "") if items.strip(): # we have a string representation of the slices x1, x2, y1, y2 = items.split(",") out = ((int(float(x1)), int(float(x2))), (int(float(y1)), int(float(y2)))) else: out = () else: if items: (x1, x2), (y1, y2) = items out = ((int(float(x1)), int(float(x2))), (int(float(y1)), int(float(y2)))) else: out = () return out
func_types = {fbool: bool, fintlist: list, lcstr: str, tupletupleint: tuple, }