Freezing / no output

If the CLI freezes and you see a blinking cursor for a very long time without any files being created or changed in the output directory (_dm appended to the input data set):

  1. Remove all files in the output directory, except for drymass.cfg.
  2. Run the analysis again.

Amplitude sensor image is over-saturated (Fiji)

When you open the sensor_data.tif file generated by DryMass with Fiji, you might encounter a situation where the phase data (channel 1) looks fine, but the amplitude data (channel 2) is over-saturated.

_images/gs_trouble_contrast_orig.png _images/gs_trouble_contrast_adjust.png _images/gs_trouble_contrast_corr.png

The reason for this is that Fiji does not automatically adjust the brightness and contrast for this multi-channel image series. The solution is to adjust the brightness manually. Go to Image | Adjust… | Brightness/Contrast and click the Auto button.

None of the above

Please create an issue on GitHub with a screenshot (or copy-paste) of the error message.